Smart access control
system for hybrid work & coworking spaces.

All your access.
One app.

Welcomr, the 100% cloud based access control lets you

Deliver 24/7

Permanent users, visitors or regular contractors : each profile deserves a customized experience.
Key cards, fobs, smartphone, QR code or pin code - or a combination of these credentials !
Forget handing out physical keys. If answering your conditions, users can have access instantly and automatically.

Take advantage of the seamless integration

with your booking management software.
Each booking triggers the right access (ephemeral or permanent) without human intervention.
Coworking management softwares are already integrated.

Manage sites

from your
smartphone or desktop.
Grant access to a meeting room, an entire building or multiple sites in a few clicks.
Consult you access history any time in your Welcomr App.

Access management made easy.
Anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive dashboard

Easy to use for everybody. No technical skills required.

Simple and flexible management

Your team grants access rights according
to needs or absences.

Help us exceed your expectations

For any questions or blocking issues we will be at your side, with timely answers.
More than that : we'll try to anticipate them.

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Optimize your customers journey.

Customers are immediately impressed.

Instant access rights.

Give access in 2 clicks from your smartphone.

Contraints are over. Choose a dematerialized access.

No more logistics or loss of keys.
your access authorization also works for elevators, lockers, car parks, etc.

Open with your finger - It's magic !

A simple gesture on your smartphone and the door unlocks.



100% GDPR

At Welcomr, our customers are our best ambassadors

and our source of inspiration to always go further.
"We manage a huge number of offices. To remain competitive it's been vital to dematerialize our access control. Thanks to Welcomr,  access management is so much simpler, faster. Plus, it's way more secure and modern than handling physical keys."
Basile PERIN
Site Manager at LUMEN, Cardinal Workside
140 doors, 8 floors, 3 elevators #smartbuilding
"A futureproof solution, with an easy to use mobile app and a great customer service, adapted to our constantly evolving spaces. Together, we are going even further in innovation."
Gregory ORTIZ
Development Manager at Startway
Premium coworking spaces in +20 sites in France.
"Welcomr is a real french success story that offers Imagin'Office customers a very good user experience !"
Bérengère FOURNIER
Marketing Manager at Imagin'Office
Flexible workspaces in 9 sites with +60 meeting rooms
"I find it very cool to open doors with a smartphone, without managing keys... We often welcome external people here during events. I wanted a solution that allows me to give 24/7 access to our permanent residents, but also to give restricted access to occasional visitors."
General Manager at Waza
3 floor coworking space with a big event calendar.

Integrations designed to make your life easier :

Connect Welcomr to your booking software with our APIs.

Cosoft, MOFFI, Tydeck, Witco, Archie, Zapfloor… every booking software is already connected.

Synchronize access rights with your corporate calendars, SSO & HRIS such are Office 365.

Google Workspace or Active Directory.
Automatically put on stand by your employees' access rights

You don't see the software you use listed ? Don't panic.

Call us to talk about it, we'll find the best solution !




Management & directory software partners

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Simplify your life and your nomads
and residents' ones.
Hundreds of coworking spaces, incubators and corporate hostels already did.
Tell us about your project, we're listening.

Smartphone access ? Key card, code, QR code ? You can choose.

Personalize your users' experience by combining several access methods, adapted to the constraints and needs of the users.

Smartphone access

A modern and secure choice with a guaranteed Wow effect !

Code or QR code access

The easiest kind of access.

But also key cards and...

Any other classic mode.





A smooth journey from the car park to the coffee machine

Use the same access system

To enter your building, your elevator, your personal locker or parking. Even to take a coffee at the coffee machine.

The parking barrier recognizes your car

Thanks to our license plate reader.

Your lockers are connected

To simplify the delivery of your packages and mails, or to secure your personal storage.

What about you ?
Tell us more about your issues and challenges !

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I already have a physical reception in my building / my building uses an ERP system. What can Welcomr do for me?

flèche bouton Welcomr

Thanks to the module dedicated to the reception staff :

  • You can see every appointment of the day.

  • You authorize access only once the identity of the person is verified.

  • You can trigger an alert in case of an emergency.

How can a smartphone access be more secure
and flexible than a key card one ?

flèche bouton Welcomr
  • A user quickly realise his smartphone has been stolen. In this situation, the user can immediatly lock it / block it !

  • A stolen smartphone isn't very usable because because of all the manufacturer protections (facial or fingerprint recognition, code, etc...).

  • Other advantage : there's no need of a physical person to be on site to give access (unlike keys or key cards).

In terms of security and privacy / GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), what guarantees do you offer ?

flèche bouton Welcomr

100% GDPR friendly, Welcomr is the most protective access control system for personal data and sensitive information related to physical flows in your buildings.

All data used by Welcomr is encrypted both “at rest” (in storage) and “in transit” (when communicated between system components).Our delegation of responsibilities' system provides an additional layer of security and better tracking.

At Welcomr, we made security a part of our design process. Updates are continuously delivered both for security and new features as part of the standard service to our customers.

Does Welcomr involve electrifying / wiring each door ?

flèche bouton Welcomr

No, thanks to its partners, Welcomr also offers solutions for non-electrified doors.

Electronical handles or cylinders replace mechanical handles or cylinders.

Welcomr is the French leader of cloud based access control systems for B2B building environments.

Pioneers in developing full cloud, keyless access control, Welcomr has been pushing the bounderies of industry standards since 2016.

Driven by an obsession for quality, security and the best user experience possible, Welcomr conceives an extremly flexible software & hardware ecosystem, allowing for fully customisable, tailor made solutions. Remote and multi-site management, granting automated instant access with real-time occupancy data, are just a few of the functionnalities that revolutionize the life of our clients & facility managers daily.

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Case studies

Discover what we do for our customers.


Premium coworking spaces in more than 20 sites in France.


Flexible workspaces in 9 sites with +60 meeting rooms.


Business center in a 6000m2 smartbuilding on 8 floors.


Independent coworking space with a huge event calendar.


Historic monument turned into a modern coworking.


The next-door neighborhood coworking chain.